Our Mission

Reach out to any person in need and give them assistance, along with the tools necessary to regain hope and independence with vitality.

Unlike other agencies that only show up for disasters or holiday giving, HACS inc. dba Houston Area Community Services (HACS) operates all year to address the ongoing needs of family hardships. HACS is a register 501(3)c organization that has successfully provided clothing, food and support services to thousands of Houston families in need for over 25 years. Our clothing and food programs continue to cover and feed hundreds of families and individuals year round. We provide quality of life recovery services to meet the needs of families as they fall into non-disaster related hardships, such as loss of a job, loss of employment, or any other event that impacts a family´┐Żs quality of life. When a hurricane, flood, tornado or other natural disaster strikes, HACS ongoing model for emergency or disaster preparedness goes into immediate action to serve the needs of families and communities affected.

For more than 25 years, the people at HACS have been successfully providing clothing, food and support services to thousands of people in need. In Harris County. We are now bringing our experience and integrity into the communities of the Greater Houston Area to provide much needed services to local residents. Our existence as a relief agency relies solely on our ability to involve people like you. Whether you donate goods or your time, your help is needed on a continual basis.
We believe that this great country in which we live, has plentiful resources to help those in need. And given these resources, no man, woman, or child should go hungry or suffer from extreme financial hardships due to circumstances beyond their control. We believe that twe will continue to be an effective agency at the local level as we contribute to a greater quality of life, for virtually everyone in our communities. Statistics clearly show that crime can be prevented by providing desperate people with alternatives to meeting their personal needs for basic survival, which ultimately makes our communities a better place in which to work and live. As a Community Service Agency, our doors remain open to people from every culture, religion, and background. We believe that no human being should be turned away from having basic needs met.
Quality of Life Recovery Services

We distribute through local churches and directly to individuals, food and cllothing based on need. Very often a pastor in a church will identify families that are experiencing economic difficulty and come to us for help. Also individuals call on us every
day for help and we consistently meet the challenge of providing these people with necessary relief. Food and Clothing are
delivered directly to those requesting Help.


Although HACS rarely provides cash to recipients, we often can delay utility service from being interrupted, for example,
or provide other vital services by referring people to other social agencies that can intervene on behalf of the client.


Natural disaster can and do occur at anytime, without warning, leaving potentially many families without food, water, clothing
and shelter. Our list of volunteers is constantly growing with people who are willing to help when disaster strikes. These
unfortunate events not only require donated products, but also people who are willing to generously give their time. Please
consider signing up as a valunteer, even if you cannot make a direct donations to our efforts.


Through the use of volunteers, we sonsor health and nutrition events, as well as literacy programs. It is our goal to help
families become stronger through education. Help educators provide educational materials on diabetes, nutrition,
CVA and kidney disease. HACS provides free screenings for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and assist in newly
diagnosed persons with diabetes and other medical problems, Co-Sponsored by the Harris County Hospital District